Get Started on Your Journey to Optimum Health

1:1 Nutrition Consultation

I offer a unique functional and integrative approach to help identify the causative factors behind your health issue and the best way to resolve it. Think of me as your personal health detective and that together, we can work to overcome any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Sadly, many modern medical practices have little time to help identify the root of health problems and simply look at masking the symptom with pharmaceutical intervention rather than holistically looking at the issue at hand. My detailed approach offers an in-depth investigation of the root cause of any symptoms. Once this has been established, using my functional consultation process and laboratory testing where necessary, I use a powerful combination of personalized dietary approaches, supplementation, and supportive strategies in lifestyle, activity, stress, sleep, and toxin avoidance management to help you feel your best.

I truly believe that knowledge is power and that the better you understand how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, the better your results. This is why education is at the heart of our work together.

I specialize in women and family health, specifically pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and the first few years of your child’s life. That being said, I have great experience working with individuals with a wide range of health issues and feel equipped to work with any client who desires to be a part of Bella Grace Wellness.


• $100 Initial Consultation (1hr30)

• $50 Follow Up Appointment (45 min)

• $25 Check In Meeting (15 min)

The Restart Program

Prefer working in a group setting? My Restart Class may be your answer! This 6-week program dives into the foundations of nutrition. Together, the group embarks on a sugar-free, nutrient-dense diet. We meet to discuss feedback, provide motivation, and learn valuable tools to take with us moving forward.

Next Restart Program:



• $100 for 6 weeks. Includes materials.


I feel so inspired and enlightened after my consultation with Isabella. I had so many “aha” moments during our meeting and I feel motivated and equipped to make real change in my life. Thank you, Isabella!

Aniya K, 1:1 Client

I have loved working with Bella throughout my pregnancy. I had no idea the importance of food when pregnant! I feel confident that I am giving my baby the best start in life with Bella’s recommendations.

Harriet M, 1:1 Client
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